Jungle Formula advice in the context of the spreading Zika virus

As the UK’s leading Insect Repellent brand* we want to ensure that you protect yourself and your family from mosquito bites. There is currently a lot of discussion in the media in particular about Zika that is present in some Latin American countries. As of February 2015 there is no vaccine to prevent Zika, therefore, the best way to prevent diseases spread by mosquitoes is to avoid being bitten.

Our recommendation for protection:

– Use appropriate and effective insect repellents such as Jungle Formula Max (50% DEET)

– Wear protective clothing, such as long-sleeved shirts and long trousers.

– Use the Jungle Formula plug-in inside your accommodation which kills mosquitoes.

Which products should travellers use when traveling to South & Central America (risk zones)?

Jungle Formula Maximum (DEET 50%) offers the highest protection against mosquito bites of the species (Aedes aegypti) that are known to transmit the Zika virus. Concentrations with over 50% DEET provide no significant additional protection.

Our recommended product Jungle Formula Maximum (50% DEET) comes in 5 formats:

Aerosol, Pump, Roll-on, Gel and Extra Strong.

Available in selected Boots stores, Amazon and supermarkets.

* Insect repellent applied with sun cream MUST be applied on top of sun cream for full efficacy. Sun cream used must have increased SPF factor
in order to compensate for the additional application of Insect Repellent. E.g. SPF 30 instead of 20.

Jungle Formula Plug-in/Refill can also provide additional protection for use inside your accommodation and acts as an insecticide, killing mosquitoes. Most plug-ins including Jungle Formula Plug-in are not recommended for use in the presence of pregnant women.

Can DEET be recommended for use on pregnant women?

Our DEET products can all be used by pregnant women.

Our plug-in products are not recommended for use by pregnant women, as they contain a different ingredient.

What product should I use for my children?

In tropical destination with presence of insect transmitted diseases, our Jungle Formula Maximum aerosol can be used for children 3 years +. For children younger than 3 years we would recommend consulting a doctor before use of DEET.

For destinations such as Europe that do not have insect transmitted diseases we have Jungle Formula Kids lotion and Slap-It wrist band which provide sufficient protection while also being gentle on the skin.

For additional guidance on the Zika Virus, travel advice and recommended protection, please visit the following links:

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To purchase Jungle Formula products please visit the Boots website or Amazon.co.uk

*Based on IRI volume data 52 w/e Dec 2015

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