All insect repellents work in a similar way by repelling and deterring insects.

Insects are repelled from people wearing Jungle Formula and are less likely to feed if they encounter skin that has been treated.

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  • What is Jungle Formula?

    Jungle Formula is the UK’s number 1 insect repellent range.

  • Where can I buy Jungle Formula?

    You can purchase Jungle Formula from most major retailers and pharmacists, as well as online.

  • Is Jungle Formula safe to use?

    Jungle Formula products are suitable for use as insect repellents/insecticides. To ensure safe use of the products, you should always read the label and use in line with the instructions for use.

  • Where can I find out more information related to Jungle Formula?

    If you have any questions about Jungle Formula please contact us at: 0203 598 9603 or by email: UKLOcustomerservice@perrigo.com

  • Do I need a prescription?

    Jungle Formula products are available for purchase without a prescription.

  • Who do I contact if I have questions about Jungle Formula?

    If you have any questions about Jungle Formula please contact us at: 0203 598 9603 or by email: UKLOcustomerservice@perrigo.com

  • Has there been an artwork update?

    The overall design of the range of Jungle Formula products has changed, there have been updates to the instructions for use to help you get effective use from the product, and to comply with updates in regulations.

  • Can I use more of the products in Jungle Formula range at once?

    We recommend using a Jungle Formula most suited to your skin sensitivity and where you are travelling to. Jungle Formula Plug In, Kids Bracelet and Bite & Sting Spray can be used with the other Jungle Formula products.

  • Are Jungle Formula products suitable for people with allergies?

    Jungle Formula products should not be used with anyone who has any allergies to the ingredients in the product. If you have any specific allergies, please let us know and we will check whether the product contains them. We do not process any nuts in our plant nor do the products contain any latex so we would consider our products to be safe for use. However, if the person has several allergies, we would advise to try the product on a small spot before treating the whole body. The products contain several essentials oils which inherently contain some potential allergens.

  • What Jungle Formula products are most suitable for asthmatics?

    The pump sprays, lotion and roll-on are suitable. It is best to avoid aerosols.

  • Can I wear sunscreen with Jungle Formula products?

    We advise to read the label in the first instance, as it should state if you cannot use other skin products like sunscreen at the same time. Where simultaneous use of sunscreen and insect repellents occurs, the sunscreen should be applied before the repellent. Once the sunscreen is dry the insect repellent spray can then be applied. This method of application should avoid the sunscreen masking the smell and efficacy of the repellent.

  • Can Jungle Formula products stain my clothes?

    We currently have a warning against the use of Jungle Formula products around materials such as synthetics, fabrics, plastics and lacquered surfaces. Unfortunately, we are not able to recommend a specific product to help remove the stain but we would suggest that a regular laundry detergent should help.

  • Should I reapply after swimming?

    It is advisable to do so, provided it’s in line with the instructions for use.

  • Where should I apply Jungle Formula?

    Insect repellents should be applied to exposed areas of the skin, commonly the arms and legs, in line with instructions for use. We recommend using clothing to limit the amount of skin exposed to mosquitoes. Caution should be taken in areas around the face. For ease of application Jungle Formula Sprays and Aerosols are ideal for the body, but for more sensitive areas like the face and neck, lotions and roll-ons are more appropriate.

  • What insects are repelled?

    The Jungle Formula range has products that repel mosquitoes, midges and ticks. There are no studies conducted on other insects e.g. fleas, wasps and spiders. For other insects, we are unable to claim that Jungle Formula will be guaranteed to provide effective protection. Jungle Formula Outdoor & Camping also repels midges, wasps, mosquitoes, bees, and horseflies. Jungle Formula Plug in kills mosquitoes and other small insects.

  • Can DEET damage grass or flora?

    DEET, the active ingredient in most mosquito repellents will burn the foliage of many plants and if sprayed with a heavy dose can completed desiccate even large plants. Years ago one of the major chemical companies investigated developing DEET as a herbicide but it was too expensive to manufacture and formulate and efforts to register the active ingredient was discontinued. The herbicidal action of DEET is contact and can be considered similar to any contact herbicide like paraquat, Liberty, Cobra, etc. It has limited translocation in the plant so any of the growing points not injured by the spray will develop branches and regrowth will occur.

  • Why are there different instructions on the newest batches of this product?

    We have updated the instructions for use across multiple products within the Jungle Formula range, in line with current regulations. There will be a period of time that the product you are using may contain instructions which are different to the most recent advice. It is always appropriate to follow the instructions given on the product labelling. However, if you wish to follow the most recent advice, you can do this at your discretion.