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Here at Jungle Formula we believe children should spend as much time as possible playing outside. We’ve put together some fun activity sheets that can be printed off so that they can be free to explore the outdoors!

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Explore the night!

Getting the kids out into the garden exploring is great fun!

As soon as the sun starts to set there is a whole host of new and exciting things to discover and kids will love searching for a whole host of creatures, sounds and sights.

Insect Portraits

Getting up close to bugs is a great way for children to learn more about their environment and develop an understanding of the creatures that coexist with them.

With this activity children will be able to get close to insects in a safe way that doesn’t harm the insects. It is important to be aware of any allergies children may have before starting this activity and always take care to avoid bees, wasps and other insects that bite.

Phases of the Moon Calendar

The lunar phase is the amount of the Moon you can see from Earth depending on how much of it is lit up by the sun. This amount changes each day.

The phases of the Moon depend on its position in relation to the Sun and Earth. As the Moon makes its way around the Earth, we see the bright parts of the Moon’s surface at different angles. These are called “phases” of the Moon.

In this activity your child can keep track of the phases of the Moon all year round.

Flashlight Tag

As the sun sets, why not play this fun twist on an old classic - Tag!

It’s a great game to play outdoors in the garden or local park. All you need are a few torches and a few friends to play with.

Growing Your Shadow

Shadows get longer as the day progresses!

This game introduces children to the concept of the sun moving – and it’s great fun to see their shadows grow to a giant in the afternoon!

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